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Review: Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

Before Jamaica Lane  - Samantha Young

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Night Owl Reviews

Review Excerpt:

Samantha Young is an expert at showing how both the hero and heroine cope with feelings they've managed to suppress before being confronted by the one person who can get past the emotional walls they've built. The situations are never forced and the reactions ring true. Her heroines have true agency in their actions and her heroes never cross the line between intense alpha and scary stalker. Even when the heroes screw up (and boy, does Nate screw up big in this story), they always return with the most wonderful groveling that neither the heroines nor I could possibly resist. Before Jamaica Lane is another enjoyable addition to the On Dublin Street series and I’m looking forward to reading about whatever couple she has plans for in the next story.

Source: http://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Reviews/Mharvey-reviews-Before-Jamaica-Lane-by-Samantha-Young