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The Manhattanites: Beneath the beauty, they're as empty and ugly as the town they live in.

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Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

It’s a beautiful world filled with ugly, unlikable people. Ugh! I feel the need for a bath and I didn’t even make it the whole way through the book.


Here’s the thing, I don’t even like this genre of romance in the first place. The sheer amount of name dropping of fashion labels I couldn’t care less about, corporations I hate and material excesses that make me want to set their consumer base on fire, was overwhelming. It was like having morning sickness in an empty stadium bathroom, so much bile and so many place to spew hate, I was crippled with options.  


Let’s start with the basic problems with this book. It need a good editor. There were not only huge issues with the style of the writing, but also pacing of the story itself. Not to mention, countless misused words and even sentences missing words all together. Even a semi-competent editor should have caught these minor mistakes, but I would expect even a semi-legit publisher to bring in an editor that could point out how a good ten percent of this story should have been cut. This story drags, and goes off course so many times, I kept wondering if it actually had an editor at all. 


I didn’t like ANYBODY! Which is sad, cause when I read the first book in this series, which I also couldn’t finish, I at least kind of liked Lex. Sadly, in this prequel she regressed BADLY, and was a wet sack of a co-dependent child, who barely resembled the independent, determined self-made business woman from the first book. Frankly it pissed me off to see her like this. 


Taddy, our tough talking, business sauve, sexually independent main character, is a shallow, emotionally stunted, materialistic misogynist. A good 90% of her narrative is spent shitting on women in general, those she does not belittle and dehumanize, with her hypocritical judgments of their appearance and dependence on the materialistic, beauty obsessed industry SHE profits from, she is “saving” lesser, weaker women by turning them into the tarted up Barbie dolls she was just making fun of two sentences ago. This is the bitch I’m supposed to like? Fuck that shit!


Then there’s Warner, the billionaire romantic hero, and an even bigger waste of space than Taddy. This walking cliche starts out the story by dipping his dick in an unknown vag, and the wakes up enraged when he realizes it belongs to one of his brother’s groupies. After he treats her like human trash, and leaves her to shower away the ick, we’re treated to a flash back of his first love. Where we learn that at age 17 he met a rich older woman who took his virginity and taught him about sex, mainly by beating him.


No joke. He does several stupid pornstar moves during sex and instead of sitting the boy down and explaining to him how he should treat a partner. Or even explain what she likes during sex, she slaps, kicks and punches him. Then it gets worse, when while in the middle of sex she asks him to stop and he doesn’t, instead he keeps fucking her to show her who’s boss and after he decides she’s had enough she says she loves him.  What the actual fuck? 


I swear, it felt like the book spit in my face at this point, but because I hate myself I keep on reading and quickly got confused about what story I was reading. 


It all took a strange, and decidedly boring turn when Lex’s mother gets sick, kinda. Blah, blah, blah. Family drama, lots of shallow women talking about their fucked up childhoods, but never doing anything but continuing the cycle of self damage and pointless bullshit. With a dash of pointless workouts, protein shakes and socially acceptable alcoholism.*


*No, seriously. There is a character who has a drug problem that she went to treatment for, but who is continuing to drink heavily and her friends don’t even bat a fucking eye lash. Enabling for the WTF?


Anyway, by the time the two leads finally meet I had used up ever fuck I had to give for this story and wanted to be done with it and them. Between the uneven writing, boring story, asshole characters and laughably ridiculous sex scenes (that honestly read like something written on a bathroom wall) I just couldn’t take any more.


0.5 stars, because Booklikes doesn't allow me to give negative stars, but fuck I wish they did.


This story reads like every bad romance cliche, and disgusting misogynistic trope in erotica boiled down to a toxic sludge spread liberally over a paper-thin plot to make it look like an actual story. I want back the time I spent trying to read this story.