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The Bondage Virgin (The Bondage Virgin Trilogy, Book 1) - Veronica J. Dantes This book was provided to the reviewer by the author in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com

Rebecca is a person who loves to take risks and expand her horizons. She is always looking for new experiences outside her comfort level, and that most definitely includes her sex life. So when Will, the guy’s she’s just started dating, sends her a text message suggesting a kinky evening, she is eager to finally lose her virginity in the one area of sexual contact she’s never managed to experience. Will, for his part, is just as eager to introduce her to the pleasure and pain of being his beloved submissive. But will what they both want to do be what they need to have by the time they are finished?

I wanted to like this story more than I actually did. The author did a great job of building up anticipation from Rebecca’s point of view, and I was keen to discover not only what Will had planned but whether Rebecca would want to continue once she’d had a taste of how her life might change. The point of view switches between Rebecca and Will were effective but inconsistent, which I found somewhat frustrating at times. I also did not like that Will pretty much talked Rebecca out of having a safe word, especially since Rebecca was a complete BDSM novice. But the most distracting thing for me was the intermittent lack of correct punctuation throughout the story, especially when commas either appeared when they shouldn't, or didn't when they should.

I would really like to read the next two books in the trilogy when they are available because I want to know what will happen next with Rebecca and Will. But I hope that a copy editor will have a chance to look those books over before they are published.


Overall: 3.5
Sensuality level: 5