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Jane Eyre Laid Bare - Eve Sinclair;Charlotte Bronte This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

This book was everything I thought it might be...more or less. It is indeed the original and beloved story of the titular heroine and her seemingly unrequited high regard for the mysteriously compelling Rochester, her new employer and guardian of Adele, the young girl for whom Jane has been engaged to instruct as governess. And yet it is so much more...and less.

It is more, because as the title implies, there is a “twist”, wherein all that takes place in Thornfield Hall during Jane’s tenure there has been reimagined to include not only an overall sexual undertone throughout the story but also several new scenes interspersed among the existing ones to alter the plot in more ways than one. Some of the changes are so subtle and well done that you could almost swear they had been in the book originally. Others are more outrageous, yet they still earned my admiration at the audacity of Eve Sinclair to boldly go where I couldn’t have even imagined myself.

But it is also less, not only because of the elimination of whole swaths of text not having anything to do with Jane and Rochester, but also because my estimation of them both was substantially diminished by their newly interpreted actions and how those actions have since somewhat altered my enjoyment of the original story.

Ultimately, although I have great appreciation for the effort, I can’t say this reinterpretation of Jane Eyre was a complete success for me. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be curious to read what might be done to a story for which I had more familiarity and affection.


Overall: 2.5
Sensuality level: 5