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Chasing Sin - Sara Brookes *This book was provided to the reviewer by the author in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com

“She’s fucking insane.”

With that opening declaration, we are dropped in the middle of a wild ride toward a dangerous storm somewhere in Kansas. Kate may be chasing the tornado, but Tripp and Snyder are chasing her. After a near-death experience, it seems only natural that Kate would finally turn to the two men she loved best to comfort and pleasure each other the rest of that long night.

In spite of all the shared passion, Kate runs away before Tripp and Snyder can convince her that their love is not complete without her. She manages to avoid seeing them until three months later, when an impending hurricane is about to hit Kate’s beloved family vacation home. That had been the only place where she had been happy as a child and where she had planned to rest and make some important decisions about her life. Kate is there to ride out the storm, Tripp and Snyder are there to convince her that they all belong together.

Kate’s fear of commitment appears to stem from the lack of love and acceptance in her immediate family and her concern that she would ultimately ruin what she sees as the perfect relationship Tripp and Snyder already have with each other. But with a killer hurricane heading straight for them, it’s not just their love that’s in danger.

It takes great skill for an author to provide everything a reader needs to enjoy an erotic romance novella. In a relatively small amount of pages, we need to see how these people know each other, why they would want to be together and still include at least one really great sex scene. I’m happy to say that for me, Sara Brookes did all that in this story and did it very well. We see right away how Kate, Tripp and Snyder are all obsessed with getting as close as they can to dangerous storms and how that shared compulsion binds the three of them in a unique way. That need to live on the edge feeds something in each of them, but Tripp and Snyder also realize that there’s more to life than just racing around looking for the next big storm. That is why they continue to chase Kate, hoping one day to help her see that she needs them just as much as they need her.

I especially loved how their three personalities fit so well with each other, both sexually and emotionally. Kate was as wild as the storms they all chased, always searching for the happiness she’d never had and wasn’t sure she deserved. Tripp was the quiet sensitive one who almost seemed to know what Kate was feeling before she realized it herself. Snyder was the more dominant personality, the one who always made sure the others were safe and protected. Their convincing emotional connections made the erotic moments more compelling and the ending more satisfying.

A less talented author could write volumes and still not manage to convey what Sara Brookes has in only 77 pages. I would love to see what she can write in a less limited format.