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Temptation's Edge - Eve Berlin *This book was provided to the reviewer by the author in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com

“Temptation’s Edge” is the first book I’ve read by Eve Berlin. I’m already a big fan of the author’s Eden Bradley books, so I was looking forward to discovering how this series of books differed from her BDSM erotica books written under that name. What I found was a genuine romance between two well-defined, all too human characters who also happened to enjoy a higher level of kink in their sexual relationship. Both Connor and Mischa were people with genuine feelings and frailties, with the same worries that any regular couple just starting to fall in love would have. I found that refreshing in a genre where we so often only get to see that level of vulnerability in the submissive heroine and the dominant hero only comes around to finally recognizing his feelings when he’s convinced he’s lost the heroine for good.

Connor and Mischa meet for the first time at the engagement party of their close mutual friends, Alec and Dylan (their story was told in Pleasure’s Edge, the first book in the series). Connor is one of Alec’s groomsmen and a fellow Dominant at the Pleasure Dome club. Mischa is one of Dylan’s maids of honor and her best friend. They experience instant physical attraction to one another almost immediately, and spend several days together learning how they fit together in a Dominant/submissive relationship. Connor is a hardcore Dom who uses BDSM to control what he worries is a dangerous temper inherited from his father. Mischa is familiar with BDSM more as casual play than serious commitment, and her passion for Connor pushes her to go further into full submission...but only in the bedroom. After a childhood where she had to be responsible for her entire family, the last thing she wants is to trust her sense of self and safety to another person.

What I loved about this book is how it blends BDSM erotica and classic romance tropes so neatly that the sexual dynamics don’t overwhelm the joy of seeing two people fall in love. It was also great to be able to start in in the middle of a series and not feel like I wasn’t getting the full enjoyment of the story by not having read anything that had come before. It’s always a tricky balance for a writer to make each book fit in a series but still be open enough to stand alone for a new reader. Eve Berlin did it in a way that made me want to go read the other books but not regret that I hadn’t done so already. I thoroughly enjoyed Connor and Mischa’s story and I’m looking forward to reading the stories of the other couples we met in “Temptation’s Edge” as well as all the other stories yet to come.