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Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me, #4) - Kallypso Masters This book was purchased by me for my own reading enjoyment. This review also appears at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

The author strongly recommends - and I agree entirely - that you do not read this book as a stand-alone. Masters At Arms is the first book in the Rescue Me series sets up the back stories for all the main characters in the series, including Damián and Savannah, and it is entirely free at all the usual online booksellers. You should read it first, and ideally, the other 2 books, before reading Nobody’s Perfect.

I discovered Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me series this past summer and spent one glorious weekend glomming through the first three books. The first book introduces you to to Adam, Marco, and Damián and how they became the men and Masters they are today. Each character’s love story is then continued in another book in the series. Nobody’s Perfect is Damián and Savannah’s book, but we've already seen them progress over time in the three preceding books. Theirs is the most intense and traumatic story, so it’s only fitting that it is the latest and longest one in the series to date.

Savannah has reinvented herself as Savi, with the hope that she can finally be free of a horrific past and the fear that she may not be able to protect her precious daughter from the man who still hunts for her. But she cannot escape her love for Damián, despite her best efforts. Yet how can she keep all her loved ones safe when evil lurks around the corner to reclaim her?

Damián will never forget the greatest day of his life, the day he met and loved Savannah. But he is convinced that he can never be worthy of her again, not since he returned from military combat as less than the man he had been. His fellow Masters have helped him heal from his physical wounds, but his emotional wounds won't heal completely, not without Savannah. As external events conspire to bring them together again, it will take all of Damián’s love and skills as a trained Master to heal both Savannah and himself.

This book is an incredibly intense read and is most definitely not for everyone. The things that have been done to Savannah are unspeakable. The methods that Damián and the other Masters use to bring her back to herself are extreme. But the love Damián shows and Savannah desires is worth every unpleasant moment required to get to their HEA. I was glad I gave Nobody’s Perfect the chance it deserved and am so happy that the author was able to channel her own abuse experiences into something beautiful and emotionally satisfying. She’s set herself quite a standard to uphold in her next book.


Overall: 5
Sensuality level: 5 (graphic scenes of incest, childhood sexual abuse and hardcore BDSM)