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Rush  - Maya Banks This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com

“The only thing I’m sure of is that I’ve waited entirely too damn long to have you.”

Maya Banks’ Breathless series is a new trilogy of books about how three fabulously wealthy, attractive and single men each find that one special person to love. Gabe, Jace and Ash are all each other's best friends and together they’ve built a wildly successful company that owns the best hotels all over the world. In this first book, Rush, Gabe Hamilton decides that the time is finally right to act on his desire to possess the one woman with whom he has been obsessed for years. The main reason he had put it off for so long was the significant age difference between them, but now that she is a grown woman of 24, he can’t deny himself for one more day. But the other obstacles are still present, not the least of which is that she is Mia Crestwell, the baby sister of his best friend and business partner Jace. There is also the problem of Gabe’s insistence that the relationship be purely one of Dominant/submissive sex, especially when unbeknownst to him, Mia has nurtured a crush on Gabe since she was a teenager. The whole situation is positively guaranteed to end badly for both of them. But when his desire meets her passion, anything is possible, if they can just learn to trust each other outside as well as inside the bedroom.

“He wanted her desperately and he seemed content to let her do anything she wanted. Anything. It was like laying out a chocolate buffet to a woman with PMS.”

The word love doesn’t even begin to cover my feelings about Rush. The attraction between Gabe and Mia is so compelling and so hot that you wonder how either of them managed to wait this long to act on it. And because this is Maya Banks, we get not only incredibly hot love scenes but also the deep emotions that are stirred up in both Gabe and Mia each time they come together. Rush succeeds where other books of this type have failed because of Maya Banks’ ability to put the reader in the heads of her characters in such a way as to understand their motivations at every step, even when we strongly disagree with their actions. She is never afraid to “go there” when it comes to character confrontation, nearly but not quite crossing the line in what readers are likely to forgive in their hero or heroine’s behavior. In Rush, this signature style is present on every page, along with her natural gift at creating new worlds with all the supporting characters and backstories without getting bogged down in overly wordy expositions or descriptions.

“She’d walked into his life and heart like she belonged. And the hell of it was that he was convinced she did.”

As much as I enjoyed and recommend Rush, I do need to point out that the BDSM scenes between Gabe and Mia may be a bit intense for some readers, especially during a pivotal scene when Gabe’s moment of negligence nearly costs Mia more than anyone should ever ask. If the portrayal of a BDSM scene gone wrong is something you would not want to read, then this may not be the book for you. Gabe does not always do the right thing by Mia, but his failure comes more from his attempt to deny his deeper feelings and not because he wants to see her harmed in any way. And once Gabe realizes what Mia really means to him, his efforts to make things right are genuine and heartfelt.

“She was tattooed on every part of his body. Deeper, in his heart, his very soul. A permanent brand that would never wear off.”

With Rush, Maya Banks has merged the two tropes of “BDSM billionaire” and “little sister / big brother’s best friend” into a seamless and riveting story of two people who loved each other all along but just couldn’t manage to make it happen until the time was right at last. I’m eagerly anticipating Ash’s and Jace's stories in the next two books of the Breathless series.


Overall: 5
Sensuality level: 5 (several intense BDSM scenes and one attempt of sexual assault)