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The Stranger - Kyra Davis This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

Another erotic romance serial, another dominant billionaire, another good girl looking for one last fling. It’s a setup we’ve all read so many times before, and not always particularly enjoyed. Yet this one was so much more for me in a way I hadn’t expected. When I started reading The Stranger, I thought I knew where it would go, at least at the very start, but by the time I got to the finish, I was thrown for a loop and frustrated that I didn’t have the next chapter in the series right there to read immediately.

Kasie Fitzgerald is the good girl, the one who busted her ass to get good grades in Harvard, the one who picked Dave, the safe boring boyfriend who treats her like a flawless but fragile china doll. He’s got the million dollar trust fund and the connections to provide her with a great job and the stability to reassure her parents that they’d raised at least one daughter who wouldn’t let them down. Kasie knows the next inevitable step is marrying Dave But before she completely surrenders to the perfect but dull life she’s chosen for herself, she wants that one last chance to be the person she’s kept buried inside all these years, if only for just one night.

Robert Dade is the devastatingly attractive and dominant billionaire CEO of Maned Wolf Security Systems, who finds himself in the same Las Vegas hotel bar as Kasie on the one night she drops her facade and lets her wild and adventurous self out to play. They meet, they kiss, they play. Kasie expects that when the night is over, she’ll be able to resume the good girl life that everyone expects from her. But what are the odds that she would have accidentally dropped her business card before leaving Robert’s suite? And now that what happened in Vegas hasn’t stayed in Vegas, how long will it be before their undeniable attraction for one another blows up Kasie’s safe world beyond repair?

Wow. Just wow. That’s what I thought after reaching the end of The Stranger, and then reading the advance excerpt from the next chapter in the series. The Stranger isn’t just the story of irresistible sexual desire between two people who seem to be complete opposites, and it isn’t just about a woman who feels like she has to worry about everyone else’s needs before her own. All the time Kasie thought she was playing it safe, but in each of her decisions up until meeting Robert, she’s led herself down a dangerous path that can only end in misery because she’s pretending to be someone she knows full well she is not. Robert knows the true Kasie inside because he’s the only one she’s ever allowed to see her without the good girl facade. But those who rely on the existence of the false Kasie will not let her step out of her box of perfection without a fight, and they have no intention of fighting fair.

So even though I keep telling myself I’m done with reading serials, and dominant billionaires, and good girls longing to go bad for just that one last time, I get pulled into yet a story that makes me glad I haven’t given up. With The Stranger, Kyra Davis has written one of those stories, and her next chapter in the Just One Night series can’t arrive fast enough for me.


Overall: 4.5
Sensuality level: 4 (super steamy, but not especially kinky)