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The Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night - Nicole Camden This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

The heroine of The Fetish Box is Mary Duepree, the self-described “bastard consequence of an affair with a trashy whore from Florida” who was raised by her father’s mother while her father made cameo appearances throughout her childhood years. When we first meet Mary, she is driving down to Hollywood, Florida in an old beat-up car full of her worldly possessions to claim her inheritance from her recently deceased mother. The late Mandy Duepree had apparently lived quite a colorful life, complete with several husbands, and had left her only daughter Mary an equally colorful inheritance: part ownership of a local pub and full ownership of a 24 hour sex shop. There’s also the matter of her mother’s tumbledown house on the beach, and not just one, but two older and viscerally attractive men who had been her mother’s best friends and who are both hoping to be something more in Mary’s life.

For me, this was the most effective part of the three. It immediately set the stage and established the tone for how we would see Mary and how she discovers her own innate sexuality as she dives deeper into the life that her mother lived as the acknowledged Fetish Queen of the local kink community. The fact that we don’t know any more than she does about John and Max, the two most important men at the end of her mother’s life, or anything else other than what they tell her makes each moment of discovery all the more compelling. Best of all, the cliffhanger for Part One hits just the right note of wanting to know what’s next without being angry that it’s not there yet.