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The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes - Nicole Camden This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

Now that Mary has met all the people who knew and loved her mother, she’s becoming more comfortable with putting her own stamp on The Fetish Box and working to fill the hole left in everyone’s lives when her mother died. Both Max and John are interested in her sexually, but it’s John who volunteers to teach her more about the kink lifestyle and appears to lay a claim on both her body and heart. There is a big kink party coming up at a local socialite’s home which will be Mary’s first real chance to show everyone that she can take over where her mother left off. But the party may also be the catalyst for real danger to both The Fetish Box and Mary herself.

The tone of sexual mystery continues in Part Two, although not as overwhelming as in Part One since there are several plot points to be worked through in support of the suspense elements moving the story forward. The sex scenes between John and Mary are especially erotic and we see Mary becoming more like the mother she never knew. Part Two has a less immediate cliffhanger after Mary survives two active threats to The Fetish Box and her own home, but it is no less compelling than the first. And with only one part remaining, literally anything can happen next on our way to the end of the story.