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Bound with Pearls - Sidney Bristol This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com

Christine is the nice sister, the one who takes responsibility for everything and does things for everyone except herself. When Lucy, the not-so-nice sister, asks her for yet another outrageous favor in a long line of never-returned favors, Christine knows she should say no and hang up the phone. But when Lucy promises to finally give Christine their dead mother’s pearls in return for her help, Christine knows this is one favor she can’t refuse.

Daniel, the ultimate recipient of Christine’s favor, is not as thrilled by this prospect as you might expect. He’d actually been trying to lose that game of Master’s Poker because the prize was an evening with bad sister Lucy, something no one else at the table that night had wanted to win either. Unlike Christine, Daniel and everyone else in the local D/s community knew what a rotten selfish person Lucy was to everyone in her immediate circle. Why would Lucy’s sister be any different?

The title of this book is a not-so-subtle reference to what initially compels Christine to offer herself as a submissive for one night with Daniel, a Dom she’s never met. For Christine, her mother’s pearls are a symbol of all she has lost - her mother, an honest relationship with her father and a sister who won’t treat her like her personal slave. The pearls are the catalyst, but once she and Daniel meet, their instant attraction and the consideration with which he treats her makes Christine finally start to question her priorities and how she really intends to spend the rest of her life.

As for Daniel, his initial take on Christine is shaded by his bias against her spoiled willful sister. But once Christine shares how and why she had come to be there with him, he realizes that the sisters are not remotely alike and that this sister might be the one person who can draw him out of his self-imposed social and emotional solitude. Bound With Pearls is the story of how these two inherently different but well matched people find their way to each other after one unlikely night together that neither had even really thought they wanted.

Although the sexual connection between Daniel and Christine is powerful and immediate, the heart of Bound With Pearls is their emotional connection, which understandably takes a bit more time to develop. One of the things I enjoyed the most is how well Daniel and Christine are matched in terms of what they can bring to the other in their relationship. Christine has almost no self-esteem, yet always seems to trust when anyone else would be wary. Daniel is almost the opposite of Christine, in that his self-esteem is almost too well-developed, yet he rarely trusts when he should, even when his heart tells him it’s the right thing to do. As they learn to trust and love each other, each grows in the ways the other shows them, and by the end of the book, each is more well-rounded emotionally than before they met. By the end of their story, Christine is bound to Daniel by love, something more powerful than any pearls could be.


Overall: 4
Sensuality level: 4