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Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

This review contains spoilers for The Stranger (Just One Night #1) and Exposed (Just One Night #3). The series should be read in order and no parts are stand-alone.

I've always had a problem with multi-part erotic romance trilogies being able to maintain the level of interest and excitement over the full arc of the story. Usually by the time I get to the final entry, it’s either all over and done with, or crammed full of all the exciting cool stuff that was being held back to keep the readers strung along to the bitter end. So I was concerned that I would ultimately be disappointed by Binding Agreement, the final chapter of Just One Night, simply because my expectations had been set so high by the preceding two entries in the series.

I am so pleased to report that Binding Agreement more than fulfills the promise made by the previous entries in the Just One Night story and is its most satisfying completion. The theme of personal facades introduced in The Stranger and exploded in Exposed has been returned with a vengeance here in Binding Agreement. The fallout from that new personal facade is what propels both Kasie and Robert to decide how they intend to live their lives, with or without each other.

On the surface, Kasie has reached her goal of being on top at work and in control of her own success. It wasn't that long ago that she was disrespected and vulnerable when everyone thought she only had a job because of her relationship with Dave. Now no one there would dare plot against her when she has the powerful Robert Dade backing her every move, as the fate of both Dave and Tom has shown them. But as we've seen in Kasie’s life already, what’s on the surface isn't real. She could control Dave, or so she believed, but not even she can control Robert. She is as much at his mercy as her co-workers, and being in love with the man may not be enough to protect her from losing it all.

Everything I've loved about the Just One Night series is here in Binding Agreement: Kasie’s determination to succeed and her internal conflicts on how far she’s willing to go, the underlying feeling of dread in every scene at Kasie’s workplace, and the irresistible mystery of Robert Dade as the catalyst for everything that happens next, even when that ends up being the last thing he wants. The ability to maintain this delicate balance of elements is difficult enough in a full-length novel, but to sustain it over a 3 part series is a remarkable achievement.

In the Just One Night series, Kyra Davis has written a compelling story of how life should be lived fully and honestly for and as one’s own self, not just for recompense or revenge. The character growth of both Kasie and Robert is as compelling as their relationship and works well within the 3 part serial structure. I’ll be first in line to buy a copy when Just One Night is reissued as a full length book and hope to see more by Kyra Davis in this genre.


Overall: 5
Sensuality level: 4 (public sexual encounter with multiple partners including brief F/F contact)