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Entwined with You  - Sylvia Day A copy of this book was purchased by me for my own reading pleasure. This review also appears at SeductiveMusings.blogspot.com.

This review may contain spoilers for BARED TO YOU (Crossfire #1) and REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2). Each book can nominally be read stand-alone but I would not recommend it.

ENTWINED WITH YOU picks up exactly where REFLECTED IN YOU left off, with Eva reeling from the incredible revelation that Gideon Cross has given her the ultimate gift of safety, but at a cost no one could have ever anticipated. His actions in the latter third of the previous book now make a twisted sense to us and to Eva, but that doesn't mean it is safe for Eva to return to Gideon, at least not yet. The bulk of ENTWINED WITH YOU follows Eva and Gideon in their continuing journey of trust and love toward a lasting and emotionally sound relationship. But as with the previous books, there are external forces working to against them, not the least of which is the continuing danger in which Gideon has placed himself by his actions at the end of the second book. Along the way there are also ex-lovers, misbehaving parents and well-meaning friends on both sides, none of whom can truly understand the depth of the passion shared by Gideon and Eva, or they wouldn't be so keen on keeping the two lovers apart. As Gideon and Eva mature emotionally and learn to trust in their love, they move ever closer to that perfect happy ending that we all want to see.

As with the other two books in the Crossfire series, I greatly enjoyed all the intimate scenes between Eva and Gideon, and was especially happy to see them stop pushing each other away any time things got a little difficult between them. The problems they both face due to their damaging pasts can’t just be ignored, and we see that both are continuing to work hard on dealing with how they are and what they have experienced. What I did not enjoy was so much of the latter portions of the book being devoted to setting up multiple side plots with secondary characters that were clearly designed to provide fodder for the next books in the series. I have no doubt that in the next two books, we’ll find that the dilemmas of these secondary characters are directly related to what will happen to Gideon and Eva, but frankly, I resented that they took up so much of my time.

The sense of ENTWINED WITH YOU being a “filler” book feeds into my take on the current controversy surrounding its release and the somewhat recent revelation that this would not be the final book of a long-promised trilogy, but the third of a now five-part series. I posted most of my immediate reactions on Twitter back when I finished reading the book, which was that I felt like I’d only read half of the story I’d been led to believe would be in this third Crossfire book. If I hadn't learned that this was not the last book before I read it, I’d be just as outraged as all the other people who are making their anger known all over the Internet. After all, this was a book that was already delayed an extra 6 months within weeks of its originally scheduled release date, and then to discover on the last page that it doesn't have the HEA we've all been waiting to read? In my opinion, there might have been less outrage if the series extension had been announced back when the release date was delayed, but all we can do is hope that better decisions will be made with regard to the rest of the Crossfire series. In any case, it’s a tribute to Sylvia Day’s writing skill and the Crossfire series that any delay in seeing Gideon and Eva get their happily ever after can inspire such outrage in so many deeply invested readers.

Although ENTWINED WITH YOU wasn't as satisfying to me as the previous books in the Crossfire series, I know I’m happy with what I got of Gideon and Eva’s continuing romance and trust that Sylvia Day knows exactly where they must go before they can live happily ever after. I only hope I don’t have to wait until next year to find out what happens next.


Overall: 3.5 (I wanted less Megumi and Corrine, more Eva and Gideon!)
Sensuality level: 4