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I live for the HEA/HFN and am decidedly pro-epilogue.

Heartless - Mary Balogh I didn't so much read this book as I inhaled it. Heartless is a classic romance in the bodice ripper tradition but thankfully most of the more unsavory actions occur in the past, only to keep those in the present from being truly happy until all the dirty secrets have been exposed. Luke is such an amazing hero when you realize just how much he's been misused by his family and he is the perfect "knight in shining armor" to come in and rescue Anna from what was on the verge of being a truly horrific future. The things that were done to both of them are what ultimately shape their outlooks and personalities into being the perfect fit together, and their happy ending was so damn wonderful after all the nastiness that I went from shock to horror to tears of joy all in the last few chapters. If you can find this book in your used bookstore (which is where I got mine as I'm pretty sure it's not currently in print) it is worth every penny you might pay. A fast pace fantastic read.