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Bind and Keep Me - Cari Silverwood THIS BOOK IS SO NOT FOR EVERYONE. But if this is the sort of book you'd like, you're probably going to love it.

I think the last time I felt this compelled to finish a book was when I read the first book in this incredible series. I'm not normally a big fan of MFF menage, as some part of me subconsciously sees it as a betrayal of the original pair-bond. (Yes, I know that's irrational when I love reading MFM and MMF, but there it is nonetheless.) But I stuck with it and was rewarded by a plot and character development that not only got past my innate discomfort but made me enjoy every moment of how the new member is subsumed into the undeniable love between Klaus and Jodie. And the ending, which I thought I could predict, went off into such a perfect alternative to my guess that I'm just as mad to read the next book as I was to read this after completing the first one. My hat's off to you, Cari Silverwood. Well done.